Ministry of Supply NASA Inspired Apollo Shirt

With summertime upon us, Geeks everywhere are pulling out the Geeky T-Shirts and putting away their Star Wars Hoodies. But what about our friends that are stuck going to stuffy offices every day. Buttoning up that shirt and collar is never fun on a hot, muggy day…Unless you have on Ministry of Supply NASA Inspired Apollo Shirt.

Designed by a group of very smart engineers over at MIT, this KickStarter project is set to remedy the sticky-shirt blues. Using the same technology that is found in NASA spacesuits, the team created a specialized high-performance fabric that can help regulate body temperature by using phase-change materials to pull heat away from your body. The shirt also features odor control, dynamic motion control, and moisture management, making it the smartest shirt you’ll ever own.

Ministry of Supply NASA Inspired Apollo Shirt

  • Heat management: Apollo uses Phase-change Materials (PCMs) to pull heat away from your body and actually store it in the shirt – like a battery. This way, when you get back into your AC’ed office, the shirt will release the heat back to you and keep your skin at the temperature it should be at. The difference is noticeable, and can change your day. Ministry of Supply is literally bringing this technology down from space.
  • Moisture management: Using an engineering-driven approach, our unique blend of fibers will wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry — in the hottest or tensest of situations.
  • Odor control: By using an anti-microbial coating, as well as Silver threads, the Apollo shirt takes care of pesky odors.
  • Dynamic motion: By using tests like Strain Analysis, and designing the shirt with your motion in mind, the Apollo shirt adapts to your movements — it stays tucked in all day, and moves with your body rather than against it.

To make a pledge and learn more about the shirt that is probably smarter than you are, go to the Ministry of Supply NASA Inspired Apollo Shirt at

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