Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine Keychain

Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine Keychain

Maybe it’s the telemarketers and bill collectors, or maybe it’s even family members, but the Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine Keychain will make sure you have the perfect excuse to cut the conversation short every time you decide you’ve heard enough. If you’re like me, you don’t really need this little gizmo for telemarketers because I have no problem with hanging up on those people. However, when it comes to the loved ones – well, sometimes distance (and silence) makes the heart grow fonder, but hanging up on Grandma is a sure-fire way to guarantee she spits in your apple pie during the next family reunion.

Now you no longer have to deal with the pressure of coming up with excuses because the Excuse Machine will do it for you, and since it doubles as a keychain, you’ll always have these six handy ‘reasons’ to get off the phone within arm’s reach.

  1. Baby crying
  2. Door bell
  3. Police siren
  4. Static
  5. Car crash
  6. Chinese food

Now, I’ll be honest and admit I have no idea what the Chinese food excuse sounds like but I’m curious enough to find out, and I’d strongly advise against using the car crash button except as an absolutely last resort. I know you want to get off the phone with Aunt Fran but don’t make the poor woman have a heart attack.

You can make the phone your friend, and the food at the family reunion a lot safer, with the Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine Keychain for $8.99 from and from $5.49 at

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