Instant Excuse Ball

Instant Excuse Game Ball

There’s this girl I knew back in high school who was, in my opinion, the best liar I’d ever met. She always had an excuse ready up her sleeve: why she was late for our meeting, why she failed to submit her part in the group report, why she couldn’t make it to our dance practices or the planning sessions for other school projects. The worst part is, she’s such a smooth talker that almost everyone else buys it. Now that I look back in retrospect, she probably had one of these Instant Excuse Balls hidden on her somewhere. Either that, or she’s grown up to be quite the swindler or scammer now.

This little blue ball right her is powerful, and don’t let its calm-looking blue hue fool you. When you’re in a particularly sticky situation and can’t think of a good one that people will believe, then it’s time to quickly turn to the Instant Excuse Ball for some lying help.

Instant Excuse Ball

  • Look, we all make mistakes, but sometimes the usual excuses just won’t do !
  • The Instant Excuse Ball is here to help.
  • In a flash, you can have an original (and hilarious) excuse for your boss, teacher or spouse.
  • The Instant Excuse Ball has 20 different excuses
  • Measures approximately 4″ in diameter

You can stop spewing bad excuses now by getting the Instant Excuse Ball from Amazon from $3.88.  Pull out the Emergency Underpants if you wants an excuse that needs no explaining.

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