Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball

Dr. Freud's Therapy Ball

Sometimes, you don’t need someone or something to tell you the answers. After all, the right ones usually come after a long time of reflection. So don’t go shaking your Glee Magic 8 Ball or Geek Ball yet. Don’t even touch that Predict-a-Pen without consulting Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball first.

Instead of giving you a yes, no, or maybe, (or something along those lines), Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball will instead ask you how it made you feel or urge you to talk about it with your mother. Who knows? It might just be the most valuable advice you can get from a ball.

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball responds to your heartfelt confessions with the stony objectivity of Dr. Freud himself. Just shake this 3-3/4” black plastic ball and turn it over for one of twenty different responses such as ”How did that make you feel?” and ”Talk about your mother.”

Dr. Freud’s Therapy Ball is available at Amazon from $6.50.

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