Giant Scissors

Giant Scissors

There’s just something about huge versions of normal, every day things that makes these objects all the more appealing. Take for example the Giant Doughnut Mold, which you can use to make your own enormous donuts. Or the Big Time Wall Clock which looks like a giant watch face that you can hang on your wall. While these two are pretty functional on their own, the Giant Scissors aren’t good for anything except for the fact that they can bring a smile (or coax out a scream) from the people it comes into close proximity with.

That’s right. You can’t really cut anything with these Giant Scissors, but we certainly understand why it’s manufacturers really didn’t want to make one that actually could. Imagine all the accidental cuts and ways they could be misused if ever they fell into the wrong hands. But if you’re a prankster, enjoy gags, or regularly purchase the occasional novelty item, then these are for you.

Giant Scissors

Giant Scissors

We have to admit these scissors aren’t really all that practical. They don’t cut anything, neither a piece of paper nor a satin sash. Don’t even bother.

However, these giant scissors are incredibly fun. And you can use them to disguise yourself and give someone a good fright.

Don’t be shy, shamelessly threaten your friends with these giant scissors and have a laugh at their reaction.

These Giant Scissors are available from Curiosite for $8.37.

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