LEGO Man Aviator Lunch Bag

LEGO Man Aviator Lunchbag

Back in the Top Gun days, Maverick and Goose looked pretty hot in their Ray-Ban aviator shades and crew-cuts. But it’s the LEGO Man Aviator Lunch Bag that’s lookin’ “fly” with the mirrored sunglasses now.

Legoland just opened in Windsor, which is just outside of London. Does that have anything to do with this awesome lunchbag being exclusively available in the UK for now? I haven’t a clue. But if you’re so lucky to procure this bag, you could use it for what it’s meant for… or, you could use it to store all the random minifigure body parts that get lost among your stash of LEGOs.

LEGO: Man Aviator Head Lunch Bag

Definitely the coolest way to carry your lunch to school. Make your lunchtime even more exciting than normal with the distinctive LEGO Minifigure head which everyone will instantly recognize. The thermal layer will help to keep all your delicious food warm during the day until it’s time to crack open your lunchbox and tuck in. You’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends with this great lunch bag.

Personally, I’d take this lunch bag out in public for all to see while I blast “Highway to the Danger Zone” followed by “Take My Breath Away” on my iPod. However, I’m just not cool enough to arrive on motorcycle. A Vespa might do.

You can get the LEGO Man Aviator Lunch Bag at I Want One of Those for £12.99.

GeekAlerts has more exciting LEGO lunchware for you, including the LEGO Lunchbox and Drinking Bottles.

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