Lego Keyboard Stickers for MacBooks

Lego Keyboard Stickers for MacBooks

If LEGOs and MacBooks are ‘key’ to your survival, then you’re going to want to buy yourself some Lego Keyboard Stickers for your MacBook.

Lego Keyboard Stickers for MacBooks

  • 3M/Avery technology for easy application and clean removal
  • Super-thin (less than 0.1 mm)
  • Ultra high-quality printing, precision-cut, full detail
  • Can be easily removed and leaves no residue, does not damage surfaces
  • 3-5 years outdoors life
  • 100% waterproof, oil-proof

This decal fits: 13 inch Macbook (white), 13, 15, 17 inch Macbook Pro, 13 inch Macbook Air
Please specify your Macbook model & size at the checkout when placing the order, otherwise this design will be sent in default size of 13″.  Please note: this is a decal sticker which only covers the design area, it is not a full skin to cover the whole backside.

Designer keyboards are nothing new. We’ve seen the smooth and simple Bamboo Keyboard and even a Keyboard Waffle Iron that’ll make mouth-watering keyboard-shaped waffles. (Genius.) But these keyboard stickers are great since all you need is your existing MacBook keyboard and a little time to neatly apply a bunch of itty bitty stickers. The Lego sticker colors are tasteful and almost look like candy. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an App yet created to turn keyboards into edibles.

The Lego Keyboard Stickers for MacBooks are only $11.99 on Meanwhile, you might also enjoy having this Lego Minifigure USB Flash Drive to match your keyboard.

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