Keyboard Waffle Iron

Keyboard Waffle Iron

As part of The Next Best…Ding!, an exhibition where the participants took typewriters and transformed them into pieces of art, Chris Dimino attendant with this cool keyboard waffle maker.


  • Problem: Typewriter – Take this now useless item and give it a new life than it was intended to have.
  • Solution: The “Corona-Matic” a typewriter turned into a waffle iron that makes keyboard shaped waffles.

Head over to the Typewriters – Waffle Iron post at Coroflot for more info.

(Via, Treehugger, Technabob and Walyou)


  1. Lol, or that thing is photo shopped or the waffle iron is faked. If you look at the waffle and then at the waffle iron you can see the pressing pattern does not match the pattern on the waffle. Look at the enter key, it is on the right side of the waffle iron but on the left side of the waffle. Just visualize that in your head, it is not possible. PLUS there is no space on the waffle iron, yet magically there is one on the waffle. Honestly, if you’re trying to fool people at least do a proper job.

  2. @tuut
    You do realise that the space bar is over fill? Count how many rows of keys there are on the irons top, and now count the waffle. theres 4 rows on both thus, no need for a space bar.
    True that the waffle appears to be flipped in comparison to the iron but whos to say that it wasnt a last minute thing to leave a waffle on the iron and its been taken off the plate or something?
    Maybe you should review all possibilities and facts so the you can be the one that does a proper job…

  3. The waffle shown in the iron is 180 degrees from how it cooks. Just look carefully at the “key” pattern on the top plate.

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