Funky MacBook Keyboard Stickers

Macbook Keyboard Skin

If you thought the Lego Keyboard Stickers for MacBook were the greatest thing since sliced Legos, you’re going to really dig these Funky MacBook Keyboard Stickers.

Tired of typing away, answering the same emails, writing the same invites, posting the same status updates…. typing the same item descriptions? Look down at your keyboard and forsake its unoriginal design, and liven it up a touch. This will actually fit both the wireless and 13″ macbook keyboards. Our skins are meant to make your stuff look cooler, not make them bomb proof. So don’t go flashing them around in the bad part of town and skipping them across lakes because they do not grant your electronics super-powers.

Wow, I don’t think you can make your keyboard look any better than this. Each sticker is loaded with attitude and meaning. My favorites are the 8 ball for the number 8, the Van Halen logo for V, the Mario Bros. question mark box for the ? and the Tab Cola logo for the tab key. Genius! If your kids are learning how to type, these decals will speed up the process exponentially thanks to the stickers’ vivid color coding and graphics.

Even if you’re not a kid anymore, you can still do yourself a favor and keep your workspace exciting with these must-have key decals. Go to to buy the Funky MacBook Keyboard Stickers for $12.


  1. I’m not a kid anymore but I would love to keep my work place; which is everywhere I take my macbook, an exciting place. Initially sold on the graphic alone but after reading this article I was like….oh yeah, I’m getting this right now..!! haha

  2. Will this fit the Macbook Pro keyboards? I really want it but don’t want to waste my money. Please let me know as soon as possible, thanks! (:

  3. Why is this keyboard not sold on etsy anymore? I would love to buy it. I have looked everywhere for this on all websites but it just leads me back here, and then to etsy where it says that this item is no longer available. How can u buy this?!

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