LED Pulse Band

LED Pulse Band

When it comes to getting attention, nothing beats flashing lights, and the LED Pulse Band has plenty of bright light to get all the eyes looking in your direction.

Just slip one of these colorful silicone bands on your wrist and get ready for the whole world to be your stage because these super-bright SMD LED lights are motion-activated, so wave your arms in the air and trigger your own epic light show. SMD is a new technology that’s up to three times brighter than standard LED’s, so getting attention won’t be a problem.

While the party crowd is probably drooling over the idea of yet another attention-getter that will make them stand out amidst a sea of party-goers, having attention-getting lights that are triggered by movement can also be a good thing for joggers, dog walkers, and people trying to rejoin their loved one after a zombie apocalypse. Hmmm… actually, you might not be keen on attracting attention after the zombies come.

In the meantime, you can light up your life with a red, white, blue, or black LED Pulse Band for £3.95 / $6.39 from Red5.co.uk.

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