Bicygnals LED Bicycle Lights

Bicygnals LED Bicycle Lights

For all you bikers out there, safety is a must.  These Bicygnals LED Bicycle Lights allow you to keep both hands on the bars while you signal for left and right hand turns and they have a working headlight and taillight.  With gas prices continuing to skyrocket, get out your bike, get some exercise and save save money.  When you do, these wireless indicators with powerful LED lights will help protect you from the always distracted and sometimes confused car drivers out there.


These ingenious bicycle lights feature wireless indicators that can be operated with a flick of the thumb – no frantic arm-waving required. Brilliant! Wireless technology enables both front and rear indicators to work in perfect sync. Simply slide each sleek light cluster onto the adjustable clamps and you’re away.Bicygnals Bicycle Lights

If you’re worried about getting your hi-tech lighting system pinched, worry not. Bicygnals slip off their clamps in seconds and both units slot together to fit in a nifty carry case. Thinking about it, it’s worth buying a bike just to champion the cause of these potential life-savers. They look pretty cool too.

Bicygnals Saftey Bike Lights

Bicygnals LED Bicycle Lights

  • Detachable front and rear bicycle lights with integrated wirefree indicators
  • Complies with Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations
  • Wireless communication
  • 5 super bright white LED’s head light
  • 3 super bright red LED’s rear light
  • Flashing and Non-flashing Lighting Modes
  • 8 super bright orange LED’s front indicators
  • 6 super bright orange LED’s rear indicators
  • Side visibility

To learn more and purchase the Bicygnals LED Bicycle Lights for £47.99 go to Firebox.  If you are into the outdoors and biking, don’t forget to checkout the Bikamper Tent.


  1. I had a pair but stopped using them after I lost the mount for the rear lights and couldn’t get a replacement. The front set will not operate on their own and keep turning off after a minute…

    They were great when they worked – very bright and effective, but they EAT batteries!

  2. I had a version of their smaller lights, and something to note is the fixing they use to attach the lights to the part of the clamp that attaches to the bike is a small piece of plastic that fits in the slot you can see in the images above. When I went over bumps in the road, the lights had the tendancy to fly off the piece of plastic and they were easily broken. The clamp also shattered when I knocked it against something. So awesomely bright and nice design, but I would advise adding something extra to attach them.

  3. This looks great! This is so safety in the traffic, especially for bycicles! And the LED light are so clear and they save so much energy.

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