Laser Space Cats Leggings

Laser Space Cats Leggings

Lasers and cats together would be a destructive combination if thrown together in real life but the Laser Space Cats Leggings are more awesome than dangerous.

Just imagine if your kitty had the power to blast you with optic lasers if you let the food bowl get empty or failed to provide attention when a belly rub was required. It wouldn’t be a pretty sight. Luckily, these lethal, laser-equipped felines can’t really cause any damage but they will get plenty of attention for the woman that slides into these skin-tight leggings.

Laser Space Cats Leggings

  • Where they are made: 100% Made in Italy
  • What they are made of: Italian Lycra; 80% Polyester 20% Elastane
  • Care instructions: Hand wash cold only
  • HD Enhanced Inkjet Printing Technology
  • Shiny look!

And you probably thought space cats shooting colorful lasers from their eyes couldn’t be sexy. Don’t you feel silly now?

The Laser Space Cats Leggings are available for €45.00/$58.99 at Lovely Sally.

(via Fashionably Geek)

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