Cats Riding T-Rexs T-Shirt

Cats Riding T-Rexs T-Shirt

One of these days, archaeologists are going to discover the remains of our society and think we worshipped cats but items like the Cats Riding T-Rexs T-Shirt will really confuse them because they’ll be wondering if we actually worshipped them or simply feared them. If cats are still around in the future, wise pet owners will know it’s probably a combination of those two things.

The creative image on this t-shirt brings our worst fear to life. If dinosaurs had survived to modern times, cats would’ve totally taken control of them, outfitted them with weapons, and destroyed mankind as we know it… or maybe that’s just an irrational fear that’s mine alone.

Cats Riding T-Rexs T-Shirts

The Cats Riding T-Rexs T-Shirt is available for $20 at

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