I Survived the Red Wedding T-Shirt

I Survived the Red Wedding Shirt

Is it too soon for this? Do you need more time to grieve? If ‘red wedding’ doesn’t make your insides clench up, you need to hold off on checking out the I Survived the Red Wedding T-Shirt because you obviously aren’t caught up with Game of Thrones.

It’s the wedding that delivered physical pain through the television screen to the hearts of many GoT fans, and the repercussions haven’t even begun to affect the land of Westeros yet. If you were tough enough to endure the knife to the gut, the multitude of arrows, and the blade drawn across the throat, you deserve to congratulate yourself because you are worthy of this t-shirt. If you still spend most of your time curled up in the fetal position while the nightmare loops endlessly through your mind… well, you might not be ready for this just yet.

Depending on your sense of style, there are two similar yet different shirts to choose from. The first features a blood-smeared red castle, with the words ‘I survived the Red Wedding.’

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Shirt

The other shirt adds a slightly comic spin on the theme by losing the intimidating castle and adding a little blood splatter among the words ‘I survived the Red Wedding but I got blood on my shirt.’

You can get both the I Survived the Red Wedding T-Shirt (with the castle) and the I Survived the Red Wedding but Got Blood on my Shirt T-Shirt for $24.54 at RedBubble.com.

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