Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum Leggings

December 3, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

You won’t have to worry about looking like an Ancient One when you’re rocking the style dimension in these Doctor Strange Sanctum Sanctorum Leggings. Leggings like these are the reason the Mirror dimension exists in the world of Doctor Strange, because in the mirror dimension, […]

Han Solo Leggings

Star Wars Han Solo Leggings

November 30, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

These Han Solo Leggings will insure that you always shoot first. It has a great blue and red design that reminds us of someone. They are made of cotton span jersey and will help you to unleash your inner Han Solo. Star Wars Han Solo […]

Cat Attack Athletic Leggings

Cat Attack Athletic Leggings

November 25, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

These Cat Attack Athletic Leggings look like camouflage, but they are hiding secret cats. They will help you keep your crazy cat lady undercover. They are catastrophic! The cat’s meow! Cat Attack Athletic Leggings An Iron Fist x NewBreed Girl collaboration exclusively for ThinkGeek! Hidden […]

Star Trek Uniform Leggings

Star Trek Uniform Leggings

August 24, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

Wear these cool Star Trek Uniform Leggings and look like a member of Starfleet from the waist down. They look awesomely futuristic and oh so shiny. These leggings feature a flattering black yoke waist and you can choose Blue (Sciences), Gold (Command), or Red (Engineering). […]


Wonder Woman Leggings

August 16, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Get ready for some wonderful fashion with the wondrous Wonder Woman Leggings that will make everyone say wow. Why are these called Superwoman leggings on Etsy? I don’t know but we all know who’s steely gaze that is, and the iconic Wonder Woman logo just […]


Harley Quinn Leggings

July 28, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Get tight with Harley Quinn with these Harley Quinn Leggings. Acceptance into Task Force X AKA Suicide Squad not required. Maybe you want to work out at the gym or maybe you want to look stylish while playing Pokemon Go. Maybe you just want something […]

Starry Night Leggings

Starry Night Leggings

July 2, 2016 Conner Flynn 0

These Starry Night Leggings make your legs look like a Van Gogh painting. They feature a 1″ fabric-covered elastic waistband and a vibrant, sublimated design. Now that’s what you call wearable art. Starry Night Leggings Starry Night Leggings 1″ fabric-covered elastic waistband Materials: 90% polyester […]


Marvel Hippie Symbols Girls Leggings

May 13, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

It’s time to get groovy, baby, with the Marvel Hippie Symbols Girls Leggings. The Marvel universe collides with something funkilicious on these 95% cotton/5% spandex leggings, with wild 60s-style colors revealing symbols for Iron Man, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, and the Mighty Thor. […]


Game of Thrones Win or Die HWMF Leggings

April 4, 2016 Marty Shaw 0

Which House shall win the Iron Throne? It doesn’t matter because you represent all of them when you wear the Game of Thrones Win or Die HWMF Leggings. Whether you believe winter is coming or hold true to always paying your debts, you can rest […]

Starfleet Computer Pattern Leggings

Star Trek Starfleet Computer Pattern Leggings

December 8, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

These Starfleet Computer Pattern Leggings feature several Starfleet Academy logos in a circuit board style, for those who appreciate both Starfleet and computers. In other words, all Star Trek fans. They aren’t exactly starfleet issue, but they are perfect for your day off. Star Trek […]

Borg Leggings

Star Trek Borg Leggings

December 7, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Slip into these Star Trek Borg Leggings and you are part of the collective. Completely assimilated. Plus, they look great. You will be a Borg from the waist down. These leggings are made from 94% cotton and 6% spandex. They are 100% awesome. Star Trek […]


Star Wars Darth Vader Tapestry Leggings

November 24, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

These Darth Vader Tapestry Leggings are soft velour with a geeky baroque pattern. Fly your dark side flag right on your legs for all to see. Vader would certainly approve. This pair of leggings features a Gothic Victorian floral pattern featuring lightsabers, Vader’s helmet, and […]


Harley Quinn Workout Outfit

November 14, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Fitness is no joke so let the crazy out when you hit the gym with the Harley Quinn Workout Outfit. Even if you don’t fight Batman and Robin on a regular basis, it’s still good to stay in shape, and dressing like Harley Quinn can […]


Wonder Woman Workout Outfit

November 12, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

All the world is waiting for you and the powers you possess so put on the Wonder Woman Workout Outfit and boost that power to superhero levels of awesomeness. Make you can’t make a hawk a dove or stop a war with love, but that’s […]


Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Leggings

November 11, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

You might not love jelly babies or have an android dog named K-9 but these Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Leggings will still let everyone know the Fourth Doctor is one of your favorites. Tom Baker’s version of the Time Lord was known for his super-long […]


Doctor Who Mash Up HWMF Leggings

November 9, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Time and space and style collide with the Doctor Who Mash Up HWMF Leggings, and your legs will never be the same again. Wondering what HWMF means? It stands for High-Waisted Matte Finish. Yeah, I know. You were hoping for a new Whovian term to […]


Doctor Who Comic Strip Leggings

November 4, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

All of time and space, along with a few Whovian baddies, are on these Doctor Who Comic Strip Leggings. The TARDIS travels through time and space, the timey-wimey detector goes ding when there’s stuff, and these leggings… well, these leggings don’t really do anything except […]


Harley Quinn Tights

September 9, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

Whether you like the classic Harley or Suicide Squad version of her, there’s a pair of Harley Quinn Tights that are just right for you. If you’re into the tattooed princess of chaos that will soon be wreaking havoc on the big screen in Suicide […]


DC Comics Wonder Woman Tights

September 2, 2015 Marty Shaw 0

You don’t have to make a trip to Themyscira for these DC Comics Wonder Woman Tights. You have the golden lasso and star-spangled shorts but your dreams of becoming Wonder Woman have been derailed because you don’t have the fashionable red boots? No worries because […]

Chewbacca Velvet Leggings

Star Wars Chewbacca Velvet Leggings

July 1, 2015 Conner Flynn 0

Add a little Wookiee to your walk with these Chewbacca Velvet Leggings. These leggings are perfect for Star Wars fans who want to look like a walking carpet. They let you be a Wookiee from the waist down. Why even shave your legs? Channel your […]