Knucklecase for iPhone

Knucklecase for iPhone

When it comes to your iPhone and personal safety, nothing should be taken for granted. I’m sure you’ve heard of, and possible even seen, “brass knuckles.” Well the Knucklecase for your iPhone does one better. Made from machine crafted solid aluminum, this case will enclose your iPhone in a knockout accessory that looks great and performs even better.

The aluminum design keeps the weight down, while the finger holes provide you with the perfect grip no matter what the situation is. When it comes to design and beauty, the iPhone stands alone and Knucklecase wanted to ensure it remained that way. Their limited production case is a minimalist design that allows you to protect and display you iPhone 4/4S without some cumbersome plastic case.Aluminum Knuckle Case for iPhone

Knucklecase for iPhone 4/4S

  • Made from Machine Crafted Solid Aluminum
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited Edition
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Provides a Sure Grip in All Conditions

The first limited production of the Knucklecase is nearly complete and orders will be begin shipping soon. You can purchase the Knucklecase for $99 from


  1. Those are wicked, but be careful, knucks of any kind are illegal in most all states, been arrested for them before. still cool tho…

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