iHole – iPhone Box Camera

iHole - iPhone Box Camera

Remember that iPod Recycling Speaker by Bird-Electron from last month? Now there’s a way to make use of your iPhone box as well, by transforming it into a “revoluntionary analog photographic device”.

I tried to keep it simple and the only external items I used were tape, tinfoil (for the lens), a piece of foam, and a leftover screw and tightener from an old ikea desk. Oh, I also used a black washer for the cover of the lens but that was purely cosmetic. I used the cardboard lining that was on the inside of the original box to construct the film holders on the back. I even left the serial numbers intact, so if my roommate ever needed to return it he could (I don’t think I’ll be switching until the phones work on other networks).

iHole - iPhone Box Camera

For the lens I used a small piece of tinfoil (the thicker stuff from the hardware store) punctured by a tiny needle. For feeding the film through the box, I cut two long, thin rectangles about 2mm wide on the left and right bottom (interior) box. I had some trouble at first with the tension, as I had to thread the film through backwards so the emulsion of the film would be facing the right way. On the right side, I punched a hole through the top and put the screw through the piece of film and then through the film holder. Once I threaded the film, I twisted the screw into an empty 120 film holder until it was secure. Then I loaded the film, threaded it through and taped both sides of the film holders shut and closed the box.

For more photos and info about the iHole, visit scothampton.com.

(Macenstein via Gadgettastic)

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