Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife

CardSharp 2 Knife

Are you the type of person that always likes to be prepared and never wants to get caught in a situation with your hands tied? If so, you probably have already have handy pocket knife, but what about something for those nights when you are dressed to impress and you only have your wallet on you? The Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife is the perfect answer to that problem. No bigger than credit card, and with a stainless steel surgical blade, non-slip armor rubber coated body, unique safety lock, and ultra-lightweight, this handy knife will easily slip into your wallet for carrying.

When you need to cut your way out of a situation, whether it be an emergency or just some little weekend project, the CardSharp 2 Knife with its open and fold over design will quickly get the job done. This multipurpose knife will make a great gift for the avid hiker, camper, boater, or everyday outdoorsman. Watch the video and see how this master chef even uses it for preparing food.

Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife

  • LIGHTWEIGHT – 13 grams
  • ULTRA THIN – 2.2 mm thick
  • RAZOR SHARP – Surgical blade technology with extra long 65mm cutting edge ensures longer lasting sharpness. Blade made from high quality rust free stainless steel. Blade color choice: Teflon Black or Natural Brushed Stainless Steel.
  • SAFETY – Blade edge is protected when stored in wallet, drawer, or kit bag which avoids accidents and blunting (blunting often caused by rubbing against other knives or tools). Integral blade ‘sheath’ cannot be lost. Protective hilt appears when opened. When docked in closed position, design prevents injury. Cannot fold accidentally (as some folding pocket knives). Blade is locked solidly in open, cutting mode with no blade tremor allowing accurate precision cutting.
  • WATERPROOF – Machine washable with no hinged parts to rust up like ordinary folding pocket knives.
  • LEGAL – Blade is under 3” (76 mm) and is visible when closed so easily identifiable as a knife (optional clear body versions show blade from both sides – P.O.A). Note: legal restrictions vary internationally.

You can purchase the Iain Sinclair CardSharp 2 Knife at Iainsinclair.com for £15 GBP ($25 USD.) Also on sale for $19.95 at KnifeCenter.com.



  1. Can anybody tell me why I have heard nothing from this company after I ordered and paid for one of these cardsharp knives over 3 weeks ago? I was told when I ordered that I would receive a confirmation email but didn’t, and now I have nothing to say that I have placed an order. I’ve also tried to phone the number given to no avail. Is this a genuine site or a scam?

  2. Hi,

    I ordered a EonExtremeFloodlight for £50 in april 2012 and still did not receive it (order from the official iain sinclair website).

    I tried to call 5 times (“Hello. Your call cannot be taken at the moment”) to no avail. Just the answering machine. No answer to my mails and to the contact form on the website either.

  3. look like im not the only one not gstting their order, jesus Christ i called 5 time no one answer, i emailed and no one reply wtf, i paid 35$ is this a scam?

  4. I hole I saw this earlier. I didn’t get anything after 6 months. In the first 3 months I got some email when I asked. But now no response for another 3 months. I think this is a scam…

  5. Hi, I also ordered a knife on January, and I have not received any item. I have sent them 7 or 8 e-mails and the answer is always the same: we are busy, there have been security problems with the products and so on. Last time they even sent me a simulation e-mail of shipment confirmation!! (but without tracking number). Please DO NOT BUY ANYTHING OF IAIAN SINCLAIR, IT IS A SCAM!!!

  6. I order a knife on November and still hasnt arrived. I m filling a chargeback next time im near my bank. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is a very cool knife. I had bought a credit card knife a couple of years ago because I thought it was cool too. I got it at eknives but I don’t ever use it as a knife. I leave it on my bar and use it as a conversation piece and sometimes as a bottle opener. My point is while this knife looks cool, how usable is it?

  8. I’m in the same boat as many other people and things haven’t changed in 2018 it seems. I’m in the UK and I bought one of the new all metal ones in July 2017 and it’s now January 2018, paid a total of £60 and still nothing. Under “Orders” in my account it merely states “Pending”. The latest news on shipping in their blog section is that they have now changed the “Shipping in November” (last year) to an ETA 4-10 weeks and manufactured to order. I emailed them about two weeks ago as of writing this post and I’ve had nothing back from them yet. Glad it’s not just me that’s having this problem, maybe we’ll eventually get what we paid for but I doubt it very much.p at this moment in time. Probably too late to get my money back, I genuinely believed and was willing to wait a bit for the item so I’m pretty sure it will be last the point of no return in getting the money back from the bank. Suppose I’ll just have to chalk it up to experience, accept that I’ve been hustled and move on.

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