Colored Kitchen Knife Block

Taylor's Colored Kitchen Knife Block

It’s no big secret that color coding helps you locate things faster. (Well, not if you’re colorblind.) For those who gravitate towards colorful things and are slightly anal, you’re going to love the Colored Kitchen Knife Block. It not only features color-coded knives, it puts them on display looking as if they’re ethereal and floating in air.

With typical stainless steel knives, dishwashers are a big no-no because they rust and dull the blades. The layer of color on each of these knives provides a protective non-stick coating which makes them durable in the dishwasher. Since knives are something we use each and every day, the dishwasher-friendly aspect scores this set some major points.

Taylor’s Colored Kitchen Knife Block Features:

  • Collection of 5 colorful steel knives with plastic handles
  • 12 Month Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Contents: Purple chef’s knife 19cm, Pink bread knife 19cm, Blue carving knife 19cm, Orange all-purpose knife 13cm, Green paring knife 9cm

This fresh and fun Colored Kitchen Knife Block by Taylors of Sheffield is sold at Firebox for £34.99.

Another must-have in the kitchen is a set of chopping boards. The Index Chopping Boards come with four different colored boards of the same size, each visibly specified for veggies, cooked foods, fish, and meat by color and index tabs.

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