I Only Date Superheroes Mug

I Only Date Superheroes Mug

Do you or someone you know have exceptionally high standards when it comes to dating? The I Only Date Superheroes Mug will let everybody know right off the bat that they don’t need to waste their time with you unless they’re worthy enough to wield mighty Mjölnir.

Even if this 14-ounce mug doesn’t help you land a wall-crawler or shield-slinger, it should help weed out those wannebe-lovers that don’t share your interest in comic books, and finding a geek that’s perfectly in-sync with you is kinda like finding a superhero of your very own, isn’t it?

The I Only Date Superheroes Mug is available for pre-date screening at the NeatoShop for $11.95, at Superherostuff.com for $8.99 and Amazon.com for just under $11.

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