Hulk Beanie with Hair

Hulk Beanie Hat

It’s one thing if you want to smell like The Hulk and wear his Be Angry Fragrance, but achieving the look of The Hulk is a lot more complicated than one may think. Step 1: Put on your angry hat, which is the Hulk Beanie with Hair, if you want to look like the jolly green giant that starred in “The Avengers.” Step 2: Paint yourself green. Step 3: Pump some iron.

This beanie is very effective when you have the type of face that won’t allow you to frown. The hat comes equipped with cross, black knitted eyebrows that can transform any happy face into one that has a major score to settle. The matching black hair sprouting on top of the beanie gives off the vibe that you didn’t have time to style your hair today because you were too busy being consumed with anger. Putting on the Hulk beanie is so much faster and easier than trying to mimic his style with your own hair and eyebrows.

Hulk Beanie with Hair

  • Knitted beanie makes you look like the Hulk from The Avengers
  • Knitted eyebrows
  • One size fits most

Wear the Hulk Beanie with Hair on your off days or if you’re dressing up as The Hulk for Halloween. You can find it at NeatoShop and Amazon.

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