How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever! Book

How To Be The Best Bubblewriter In The World, Ever!

Now you can become a student in the fine art of bubble letter writing school when you learn from the How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever! Book.

Computers can do almost everything, but fancy computer font has nothing on the bubble letters you are going to create in this book. We must keep some skills done by pen and pencil sacred. Sure, it might take you a whole day to generate what a few text messages could do in minutes. But learning to bubblewrite is not a means to an end; it’s a lifestyle choice. Life’s not about the shortcuts.

Be the Best Bubblewriter

Do you remember the first time, back in third grade or so, that you realized you could draw the outline of letters and make them look awesomer? It was a glorious moment, and this handbook immortalizes the art of bubble letters. With 70 alphabets – inspired by everything from hairy monsters to butterflies, insects to ice cream – across fully illustrated two-page spreads, this book will make anyone a superior bubblewriter. Paperback, 144 pages. About 7.25″x10.25″

A perfect rainy day pastime for those who love to doodle, the How to Be the Best Bubblewriter in the World, Ever! Book is $15.95 in paperback at Fred Flare. You can find the book on Amazon from $4.48 as well.

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