Magic Cold Plate

Magic Cold Plate

Here in Canada, we tend to get excited when our ice cream starts melting. But for people in warmer climates, you’ve probably wondered if there was some clever way to prolong the freeze life of your ice cream, other than sticking it back in the freezer. Lo and behold, the Magic Cold Plate has arrived and is at your service.

The Magic Cold Plate

  • Freeze refrigerants for 10 hours before use
  • Plate designed to keep ice cream cold at 5°C (41°F) for around 1 hour (varies with level of room temperature)
  • Plate frame: ABS
  • Cold plate: stainless steel
  • Contains: refrigerant holders, scoop spoons (x2), frame, lid, plate
  • Weight: 976g (total)
  • Made in Japan

A simple gadget to use, just freeze the two semi-circle plates for ten hours. Slip them into the pink base and top with the stainless steel “countertop” with yellow edges. Fill up the plate with some ice cream or anything you wish to keep chilly, i.e. coldcuts, cheese, etc.

Aside from addressing the problem of melting ice cream, the plate also looks festive for parties. Imagine having an ice cream party and serving several varieties of ice cream, gelato and sorbet scooped into a nice heap.  Then give everyone spoons and let them go to town.

Two pink scoopers help with serving, and notice how they take on that wonderful pink Baskin Robbins hue? The clear lid keeps the cold contained and pesky bugs away.

This gadget might also help if you want to cool hot plates down as well.  Would’ve been handy for those times when you’ve over-nuked stuff in the microwave and ended up with 3rd-degree tongue burns, unable to taste food again for days.

The Magic Cold Plate is $75 at Japan Trend Shop.

And who says that just because summer is over we need to give up ice cream ‘cold’ turkey? Some other ice cream thingamagigs on the market are the Motorized Ice Cream Cone, Mugz Ice Cream Maker and the Ice Cream Ball.

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