Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pets

Fridgeezoo - Refrigerator Pet

You might find these adorable little critters called Fridgeezoo familiar. That’s because these refrigerator pets were previously released in Japan, albeit in more species and were called the Fridgeezoo Fridge Friends.  Now you can purchase these handy fridge friends at an American retailer with a discounted price.

So as a quick recap; what exactly is it that these Fridgeezoos do? Well, they’re tiny critters that won’t really take up much space inside your refrigerator. Every time you open your fridge to grab a soda, a bottle of water, or some food, this fella that lives inside it (if you let it) will utter out a quick greeting. However, it’s also going to remind you to close the refrigerator door if you leave it open too long or keep rummaging at the back of the shelves for something that isn’t there anymore (maybe someone got to last night’s dessert leftovers before you did.)



Fridgeezoo creatures have abandoned the arctic to live in your refrigerator. After all, with global warming, it’s much cooler in your fridge. Just pop your Fridgeezoo friend into your refrigerator and it’ll greet you whenever you open the door. But don’t stand there for too long! If you let too much cold air out, your Fridgeezoo friend will scold you. He didn’t trudge here all the way from the arctic to feel any warm breezes!

  • Fridgeezoo arctic friends for your fridge
  • About the size of a small carton of half-n-half
  • Put them in your refrigerator where they’ll be happy
  • Your friend will greet you when you open the fridge

Fridgeezoo Refrigerator Pets are available from ThinkGeek for $15.99.

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