Four Liter Beer Boot

Four Liter Beer Boot

You remember Beerfest and “Das Boot!” It was the ultimate Oktoberfest show down.  Well checkout this monster boot. “This is the largest beer boot available in the USA!” The Four Liter Beer Boot is sure to challenge even the hardest partiers in your group. After a few rounds of these, I’m not sure anyone will be chanting for the Das Boot.

Four Liter Beer Boot2

The secret to drinking from the boot is to point the toe sideways. When the toe is pointed downward, the boot cannot be easily emptied. When the toe is pointed upwards, the liquid flows out of the boot very quickly and uncontrollably, usually spilling all over the drinker. This boot is made from mouth blown glass.

Product Features:

  • Beer Glass Type: Mouth Blown Beer Boot.
  • Size: Holds 4 liters of beer (135 oz).
  • Dimensions: 15 inches high

This Four liter Beer Boot is on sale now and can be purchased from for $24.95 (50% off the original price).  If you prefer sticking to shots over beer, checkout these super cool Gummy Shot Glasses; they give edible a whole new meaning.  GeekAlerts urges you to always drink responsibly.

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  1. I have had no success finding a 4 liter beer boot for purchase anywhere on the internet. Is there an updated link of a website to purchase one from? The closest I have come is a 3L, but 4L is really what I am looking for. Any point in the right direction is appreciated!

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