Giant Glass Beer Boot

Giant Glass Beer Boot

A couple days ago we posted about a huge Beer Boot, which was so big (4L/135 oz capacity) that it can hold nearly a 12 pack worth of beer. (It is the largest beer boot available in the USA.) While very cool, it just isn’t very practical. Although still quite large, this Giant Glass Beer Boot is a relative baby with a capacity of “only” 40-48 ounces. Holding 4 beers at one, it still has plenty of table presence, yet is practical enough that carrying it, drinking out of it, and finishing the contents before it reaches room temperature is reasonably accomplished.

Das Boot Mountain Dew

Srsly…what were we thinking? A glass boot that could almost fit an entire 12 pack of beer? At least it would give new meaning to only having one beer.

But who says these are only for beer? You can definitely put Mountain Dew or other drinks in this, but again this 40 ouncer is a lot more useful than the 4 liter beer boot…because who drinks 4 liters of Mtn Dew? You can even use it to hold candy like Skittles, gummy bears, or M&Ms, or for office supplies like paper clips.

Personally, I think it might make a cool goldfish bowl.

Das Beer Boot Skittles

Das Beer Boot Specs

  • Material: Hand-blown glass
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 5.5″ x 3.75″
  • Capacity: 40-48 ounces (variation due to being made by hand)

Order the Giant Glass Beer Boot for $14.95 from Vat19. Also, you have to watch the hilarious Das Beer Boot Music Video below!

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