Bongzilla Giant 6 Person Beer Bong

Bongzilla Beer Bong

If you’re having a big party, you might want to make it wild with the biggest party drink dispenser around–the Bongzilla Beer Bong. This giant beer bong is a huge step up from a basic plastic funnel from Walmart. This behemoth stands six feet tall, holds 12 cans worth of beer, and allows 6 people to slam it down at once. If less than 6 people are partaking, just use the plug to cap off the unused tubes.

They say that bigger is always better.  (In this case, “they” might be alcoholics.) If you agree you’ll probably also be interested in these mega alcoholic beverage holders: Das Boot, Giant Beer Glass, and Sasquatch Flask. Of course, if you drink from one of these, you’ll probably need this Giant Coffee Cup the next morning.

Bongzilla 6 Person Beer Bong

Bongzilla Beer Bong

  • Includes 6 Way Funnel, 6 Tubes, and Valves
  • Adjustable 6 foot pole
  • Sturdy Base (fill with water)
  • 6 Funnel Plugs (if you have less than 6 people)
  • Holds 12 cans of beer

Bongzilla Beer Bong costs $44.24 at Always drink responsibly.

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