Face Bank


Does your coin bank have a face? Well, if you have a Face Bank, then your answer to that would probably be “yes.” I have to admit that it’s a bit creepy, but I think you’ll eventually get used to it and maybe even find it adorable after a period of time.

You see, the Face Bank isn’t just a frozen face on the surface. Rather, it will get quite animated and chew on your loose change as your drop them in, one by one. It’s like getting gratification of some sort for saving up your dimes and pennies because your coin bank reacts to each and every deposit you make into it.

Face Bank

He might not be the best looking bank around but he’s a little sweetheart really and will never say no to any spare change you’d like to feed him. Face Bank has to be the most fun way to save money. Because of his motion sensors, he knows when a yummy scrummy coin is coming in. Just pop the coin in his mouth and watch him gobble it up. Nom nom nom. An addictive way to get yourself or the kids saving up for a special something, although you might find yourself having less money than before because you’ve put it all into your new favorite toy.

The Face Bank is available from Red5 for £14.95 ($24.)

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