Cut The Rope Plush

Cut the Rope 5 inch Plush

I admit, one of the reasons why I got hooked on Cut The Rope was because of how adorable Om Nom looks. The game is loads of fun too, but I wouldn’t have been as into the game as I was if the character I had to feed candy to looked like the Grinch. And now you can have a piece of Om Nom in the real, physical world with the Cut The Rope Plush.

There are two versions of the Cut The Rope Plush available: one showing a very hungry Om Nom, and another depicting a smiling Om Nom that’s eagerly awaiting for some sweet treats to satisfy his sweet tooth. Who could resist that face?

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Cut The Rope Plush

Cut The Rope Plush

If you’ve fallen prey to the adorableness of Om Nom, we have good news. You can get your very own Om Nom plush to snuggle and keep you company at work or home. He’s about 5″ in diameter, which is a great size for a desk top friend or object to hurl across the office. But please don’t throw Om Nom, unless you’re throwing him in the direction of the nearest candy dish.

  • 5″ plush of Om Nom from the game Cut the Rope
  • He’s very, very hungry and would like some candy
  • Unlike a Mogwai, you can feed him after midnight with no repercussions

The Cut The Rope Plush should be back in stock soon at ThinkGeek for $9.99.

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