High Contrast Keyboard

High Contrast Keyboard

Always mixing up those darned “Qs” and “Os”? Always hitting the wrong keys and ending up with documents with a whole lot of misspelled words? These are just several of the complaints my mom always has when she uses my PC, with the keyboard all banged up and faded. A bright and in your face solution for those of you that don’t know where the keys are is the High Contrast Keyboard.

The High Contrast Keyboard features yellow keys with the letters and symbols printed on big and bold so you can’t miss what keys you’re hitting.

If you’re looking for a more futuristic keyboard though, then check out the Glass Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse on Kickstarter.

High Contrast Keyboard

This is the easy-to-read keyboard with high-contrast keys and enlarged print. The bright yellow keys are labeled in black, san serif type, the same high-visibility color scheme used for highway warning signs. The 43-point characters (about 9/16″ tall) are heat transferred to the keys, after which a UV coating is applied for lasting durability. The 103-key layout is the same as that on a standard keyboard, with 12 function keys along the top row, plus nine buttons for common multimedia and browser commands.

The USB keyboard is rated for 10 million keystrokes, ensuring years of trouble-free typing. Flip-up legs angle the keyboard for comfortable typing.

The High Contrast Keyboard is available online from Skymall for $49.95.

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  1. If they made this glow in the dark, I’d buy one for my mom in a heartbeat. That’d be great for her so she doesn’t have to wear her reading glasses to type.

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