Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstation

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstation

With a stunning design that resembles a scorpion’s tail, the Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstation epitomizes extravagance and has the price tag to match. The Emperor 200 isn’t just about a dazzling design; there are cool featured loaded into this computer workstation. There is an electric powered adjustable leather seat, for the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics. Three 24″ LED screen surround you, for an immersive gaming and multimedia experience that is completed with a premium sound system. It also offers light therapy and an air filtering system, and everything is controlled by a handy touch screen control center.

Emperor 200 Computer Workstation

Hand built to your requirements, the Emperor 200 is the ultimate computer workstation with several exclusive features such as touch screen control center, air filtering system, light therapy, electric powered leather seat, 3 x 24 LED screens and a breathtaking sound… Be bold and unique…

Emperor 200 Luxury Computer Workstations are available at MWELab.com for $44,750 plus shipping. Although on first blush this may seem almost as exorbitant as the gold and diamond covered PCs reportedly owned by oil sheikhs, you can’t begrudge the 1% for wanting something this cool. I just may have to order one if I win the lottery someday. (I’ll have to put it in my lab, as I’ll get the incredible Octopus Chair for my office.)


  1. That is the most sexy chair in human history. I want it. Lower the price by 40.000dollar please^^
    maybe ebay some day.

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