Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler (Driver Pack)

Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler Driver Pack

Get ready to patrol the mean streets of Gotham City (or your home) with the Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler (Driver Pack), which can be controlled with an IOS or Android App.

Were you impressed by the Remote-Control 1989 Batmobile? It’s very cool… but it’s missing a very important element the Tumbler has – it’s an actual remote-control car that can go from Point A to Point B.

With the IOS or Android mobile app, it’s possible to send Batman on patrol across the floor of your living room, while also being in control of cool features like cockpit and spoiler movements, 16 super-bright LEDs, engaging Power-Jet mode, and recording the Tumbler’s path so you can play it back and watch it later.

Did I mention Batman? Yes, I did because the Tumbler also comes with a 1:12 Batman figure with 26 points of articulation. Because what good is an awesome Tumbler if there’s not a Batman to beat up the bad guys? You have to provide your own bad guys.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Tumbler (Driver Pack) is available for $513.42 at SoapStudio.

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