Cardnetics Small Iris Business Cards

Cardnetics Small Iris Business Cards

Tired of handing out blah-looking business cards to prospective clients? Want something with a bit of spunk and ingenuity that will have people taking more than just a 1-second glance at your card? Then you might want to give the Cardnetics Small Iris Business Cards a shot.

These cards are shaped and built like a camera that has an iris in the middle that opens and closes when you move the lever on the top of the card. Naturally, they would be best for professional photographers or other people who are in a similar field of business.

Cardnetics Small Iris Business Cards

The Small Iris card is the size of a standard business card 3.5″ x 2″. It functions as a mechanical iris similar to those used in photography aperture mechanisms. A tab on the card can be manually rotated to progressively open the hole in the center of the card up to a maximum size of one inch.

You can order the Cardnetics Small Iris business cards off their site starting at $6 per piece, which, I know, is pretty steep. Or you can get a kit and assemble your own cards starting at $2.50 each.

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