Captain America Premium Format Figure

Captain America Premium Format Figure

Steve Rogers certainly looks patriotic in this Captain America Premium Format Figure, what with his red, white, and blue uniform and shield. He also looks strong and determined, not to mention menacing, due to the Ultron Sentry Head he’s clutching in his right hand.

That right hand holding an Ultron Sentry Head is only available in the Exclusive Edition of the collectible statue and can be swapped out with the regular hand that’s in a fist. Both the Collectors and Exclusive Editions feature the discarded Ultron Sentry arm at the base of the statue.

Standing at 21″ tall, this Captain America Premium Format Figure is made of polyresin and sculpted in meticulous detail. Captain America is wearing a patriotic tactical uniform, armor straps, utility belt, and red combat boots. The intricate textures and piping, as well as the distinct colors, make this statue look quite lifelike.

The Captain America Premium Format Figure measures 21” tall on top of a SHIELD Helicarrier platform, with a discarded Ultron Sentry arm littering the base beneath his red combat boots. Cap’s iconic shield is raised and battle-worn while he takes a stand against Ultron and his armies.

Captain America has a sculpted portrait inspired by his comic book appearance, wearing a blue helmet with slight battle damages. His white helmet wings and traditional ‘A’ are inset in the helmet’s sleek design as Captain America looks on with stern determination.

Captain America’s uniform has classic red, white, and blue details, with an upgraded aesthetic featuring tactical armor for the patriotic Avenger. This polyresin figure has an entirely sculpted costume detailed with intricate textures and piping to simulate a difference in materials. His chest bears a star symbol, and armor straps across his shoulders add a second star to the super soldier’s uniform. Black accents and a brown sculpted utility belt enhance the hero’s famous look.

This Captain America Premium Format Figure is available at Sideshow in two versions, a Collector Edition for $570 and an Exclusive Edition for $585.

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