Captain America Shield – Marvel Masterworks Film Prop Duplicate

Captain America Shield Marvel Masterworks Film Prop Duplicate

Like the Iron Man Mark I Helmet, this Captain America Shield – Marvel Masterworks Film Prop Duplicate is a very high-end limited edition collectible that will be made upon order by Russell Bobbitt, Head of Props for Marvel Studios, and his team.

It is an authentic duplicate of the film prop, complete with hand-embellished Black Panther claw marks. Constructed primarily out of aluminum using innovative construction techniques to keep the weight low, it has handcrafted leather handles. It is part of the Marvel Masterworks Collection and is a limited edition of just 50 units.

This Captain America Shield comes with a display stand, glass medallion, cleaning cloth, and a product pamphlet with on-set and development anecdotes from the Head of Props for Marvel Studios. It includes a Glass Certificate of Authenticity with the specific edition number of the piece. A durable Pelican storage case, like the ones to store props on the set, is included as well.


During the epic civil war battle between fellow Marvel heroes, Black Panther and Captain America clash in combat resulting in Black Panther’s claws leaving their mark upon Captain America’s vibranium shield. Known for its durability and impenetrable nature, nothing had been able to damage the shield during Captain America’s prior battles. This key moment in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War helped to define the incredible power of the Black Panther.

Each shield is hand made from spun aluminum and consists of over fifty individual pieces. To limit the weight of the shield, Russell Bobbitt and the team invented a way to create the outer shell in aluminum and fill the interior with an engineered foam product over armatures to hold all the parts together. The shield’s handles are hand crafted out of leather sourced to emulate materials that could have been found in the early 1940s (the time period in which Captain America’s shield was created by Howard Stark). During filming of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War, the Black Panther claw marks were created using computer generated imagery (CGI). For this piece, the Black Panther claw marks are being etched by hand and put through a scenic aging process, making each shield unique.

Buy this Limited Edition Captain America Shield Marvel Masterworks Collection for $4,100 exclusively from Shop Disney.

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