Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard

Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard

Let’s face it, we all need to make a living and we all work for someone. Whether you have a cushy VP job on Wall Street, sell burgers at McDonald’s, or work for some crime syndicate, there are inherent dangers all around us. Occupy Wall Streeters may scratch your Ferrari or call you bad names, you may forget to Supersize that order of fries for the 400 pound man, and of course you may have to dodge a bullet or two when your boss is upset about a random police raid.

No matter what the situation, this Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard is going to come in handy. Take some notes, stop some 9mm bullets, and maybe slap a few 99 percenters around; the possibilities are endless when you’re bulletproof.

This clipboard is made from real Level II body armor and will stop 9mm bullets, as well as all those calibers protected by Level I and Level IIA armor. Watch the video for a live demonstration, but please don’t be foolish enough to actually try and stop a bullet with this clipboard…not everyone has good aim!

Bullet Proof Clipboard

  • A slab of Level II body armor – with a clip (for paper).
  • Level II body armor protects against 9mm, as well as all those calibers protected by Level I and Level IIA.
  • 25 year limited manufacturer warranty.
  • UL Rated for Level II protection.
  • Weight: approx. 3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 12″.
  • In all seriousness DO NOT POINT GUNS AT PEOPLE EVER, play nice Geeks.

The Bulletproof Body Armor Clipboard makes the perfect gift for the gun enthusiast or the hard working secretary that feels like they are dodging bullets all day long. Available from ThinkGeek for $49.99. You can always add the Chain Mail Shirt for a little extra protection as well.

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