Moai Tiki Tissue Box

Tiki Tissue Box

Since you or someone you know will probably be sick this cold and flu season, why not try to get some enjoyment out of it. As the mucus runs (and so does everything else) out of your body, grab hold of a tissue from the Tiki Tissue Box. This once revered sea watching figure may be the only one listening or willing to help when you are praying for some relief.

This Moai of Easter Island is shrunken down and ready to hold your regular sized rectangular tissue boxes. Put the tissues box in and pull the tissues out of his textured resin nose as you feel the need to blow your own honker.

Tiki Designed Tissue Box

  • Big ol’ Moai to hold your tissues
  • Textured resin face with a big honkin’ nose
  • Fits a standard sized rectangular tissue box
  • Please provide your own tissues and mucus

Give your tissue box something to get excited about with this Tiki Tissue Box Holder from ThinkGeek for $19.99. Also available at


  1. April 2012:
    I’ve enjoyed owning this item for years. I mounted it on a frame on the wall. The frame is 1″ thick, with a cutout which fits a ‘standard’ tissue box. The tiki box is mounted to the frame using a 2″ brass hinge at the top – had to drill holes in top of the box to hold the hinge with small bolts/nuts. When ‘closed,’ the box covers the cutout which is holding the tissue box. Works well, looks good. I painted the frame a dark off-green to go with the color of the face.

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