Bee House

Bee House

Just like a bird house makes a great home for your feathered friends, this Bee House provides an enticing habitat for local buzzers. Bees are great for pollination and they can be fun to watch, provided they don’t sting you. That shouldn’t be an issue, because this bee house is specially designed for Mason Bees, a non-aggressive variety known to be excellent pollinators. It is handcrafted out of stoneware to provide a weatherproof home for bees that is environmentally friendly.

The local bees will find it hard to resist taking up residence in this handcrafted and environmentally friendly beehive, and they’ll quickly set up shop in its natural nesting tubes. Designed to imitate the natural wood preferred by the Mason Bee (a variety that is non-aggressive and excellent pollinators), this habitat gives the little buzzers a protected place to store their larvae and helps support the endangered bee population. The best part? Sit back and enjoy these humming pollinators as they provide you and your backyard guests with hours of peaceful entertainment for years to come. Handmade by Jo-Anne & Gerald Warren in Canada.

Buy the Bee House for $55 at Uncommon Goods.

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