Batman ‘Welcome To The Batcave’ Door Mat


You don’t have to say you’re the Dark Knight when subtle hints like the Batman ‘Welcome To The Batcave’ Door Mat will let everyone know you no longer care about having a secret identity.

If you’re Tony Stark, you hold a press conference and announce to the world that you’re Iron Man, but Bruce Wayne is a little more subtle, preferring to share his secret with those who visit him at Wayne Manor.

This nylon mat, featuring the iconic Batman logo and the words ‘Welcome to the Batcave’, will let everyone know what you do when the sun goes down. The truth is out. You’re not an introvert. You’re Batman.

The Batman ‘Welcome To The Batcave’ Door Mat is available for £13.99/$17.44 at Forbidden Planet. You can also track prices at Rout to get a free alert when it goes on sale.

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