Batman ‘The Detective’ T-Shirt

Batman The Detective T-Shirt

The Batman ‘The Detective’ T-Shirt shows how Alfred tried to help a young Bruce Wayne adjust to losing his parents.

After his parents were gunned down, young Master Wayne enjoyed playing in the special pedal car that Alfred made for him. For some odd reason, he insisted on dressing as a bat when playing with the pedal car. Alfred saw no problem with this at the time. After all, how much fuss can one person create by simply dressing as a bat? Since that time, Alfred has come to realize he made a huge mistake.

Artist Chet Phillips, the guy who brought us the Batman and Doctor Who pedal car art prints, has transformed his fun designs into wearable art now, with his fun pedal car series showing numerous iconic characters in a new light.

Batman The Detective Shirt

The Batman ‘The Detective’ T-Shirt is available for $17 at TeeFury.

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