Avengers Hulk-Bustin Suit T-Shirt

Avengers Hulk-Bustin Suit T-Shirt

Iron Man takes on the Incredible Hulk on the Avengers Hulk-Bustin Suit T-Shirt, with Tony Stark giving the ultimate stare-down over the battle scene that pits Avenger against Avenger.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are pals but they apparently have a serious disagreement in Avengers: Age of Ultron because Tony slips into his heavy-duty Hulk-Buster armor to give Mean and Green a spanking. I’m thinking Banner probably stole Stark’s food from the fridge in the breakroom. I can see Tony having serious issues with that since he’s used to getting his way most of the time.

Taking a minimalist approach, the bottom scene that shows Hulk-Buster facing the Hulk doesn’t have tons of detail, but the larger portrait of Hulk-Buster’s helmet makes up for it with some awesome detail work, including a look at the Hulk’s reflection in the gold surface of the armor.

Avengers Hulk-Bustin Suit Shirt

The Avengers Hulk-Bustin Suit T-Shirt is available for $16.90-$20.90 at StylinOnline.com.

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