Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt

Alien Unexpected Parenthood T Shirt

This hilariously clever Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt takes the Baby On Board sign, which was a popular fad in the 1980s for parents to have on their car, and combines it with a chestburster from the Alien franchise.

As you probably know, an alien Xenomorph starts as an egg laid by the queen. Eventually, a facehugger hatches from the egg and it attaches to a host to implant an embryo. That embryo grows until it erupts from the host’s body as a chestburster. It continues to feed and grow into a mature Xenomorph. This Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt implies you have a chestburster growing inside your body that may break out at any moment.

Alien Unexpected Parenthood Shirt

Buy the Alien Unexpected Parenthood T-Shirt for $21.95 at Neatoshop. Other fun t-shirts they sell include Deadpool Infinity Chimichanga, Shattered Rebel Empire, 80s Heroes, Marvel Avengers Infinity Dust, and The Mad Titan’s Infinity Gym.

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