Æsir Mobile Phone

Aesir Phone

Say hello to the future past of mobile phones. While Æsir’s Mobile Phone looks absolutely futuristic and classical at the same time (yes, I think that’s possible), it’s functions are somehow more like a thing of the past.

Phone companies are releasing smartphone after smartphone equipped with GPS, cameras, 3G (and 4G), and a whole host of other features you’d normally use a computer for. But breaking the trend nowadays is Æsir.

This snazzy, classy, and expensive phone is not a smartphone. In fact, you can only use it to make and take calls, send text messages, list down items for your to-do list, check your calendar, or set an alarm. In short, it only has the simple, basic functions that you’d expect from a phone that was made a decade ago. But maybe that’s a good thing, right?

The silver stainless steel version of the Æsir Mobile Phone costs £6,400 ($10,560) while the gold-plated version is priced at £37,000 ($61,000). (Update: Link removed because the website no longer exists.)

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