50 Shades of Gray Book

50 Shades of Gray Book

By now, most men and women have already heard of or read the steamy novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.” That’s why it’s currently an opportune time to give the 50 Shades of Gray Book as a gag gift.

This spoof on the worldwide bestselling novel gets a little more graphic on the cover. Instead of showcasing a simple grey tie, it goes a step or three further, showing the image of a shirtless fellow and his flexed abdominal muscles. Oh, and he happens to be wearing a grey tie.

Inside, you’ll find the full shocking story – 200 completely blank grey pages, four pages for each of the fifty shades, going from light grey to darker grey, meaning that the book gets darker and darker as it progresses.

50 Shades of Gray
Literally, fifty shades of gray

The fifty shades of grey have been carefully chosen so you can easily write on them, allowing you to easily fill the book with your very own exciting fantasies, darkest desires – or even your weekly shopping list (whatever turns you on).

  • Raunchy, (almost) NSFW cover
  • Progressively darker content
  • 200 pages, which are 50 shades of grey colour
  • Dimensions:
  • Measures approximately 13cm(W) x 1.5cm(D) x 20cm(H)

But this book truly delivers on what it promises. You actually get fifty shades of blank grey pages, and four of each shade. You get to decide how the story begins and ends. If writing novels is not your thing, you could just use it as your own personal journal and include all your fantasies. Or you could make it your go-to book that lists books you intend on avoiding for the rest of your life.

People who loved or hated the novel will get a rise out of the “50 Shades of Gray Book.” Buy it at Firebox.com for £9.99.

Also from Firebox, you will want to own the 50 Shades of Grey Poster which showcases fifty different colored paint chips that have each been given comical names.

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