50 Shades of Grey Poster

50 Shades of Grey Poster

First vampires and werewolves had their heyday in the “Twilight” series. Then it was time for kids killing kids in “The Hunger Games” trilogy. But now it’s the dawn of raunchiness for womankind with the latest bestselling novel phenom, “50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. Be one of the firsts to own this funny 50 Shades of Grey Poster that’ll have your toes curling from laughter.

From afar, the poster just looks like the latest designer’s palette of grey paint colors. However up close, the shades of grey are christened with witty names such as “Liam Neeson Film,” “Gandalf The Grey,” “Chicken Liver,” and “Raw Squid.” Sure, none of the names will arouse any frisky feelings, but the book has made good and sure to maximize most women’s thrill-o-meters anyway.

50 Shades of Grey Poster

  • May cause thrills and excitement, particularly in women and those who really love posters
  • High quality printed poster
  • Depicts 50 different shades of Grey
  • Measures approximately 61cm(W) x 51cm(H)

You won’t likely find a more exciting poster for the book or forthcoming movie based on a novel, so get your 50 Shades of Grey Poster at Firebox.com for €12.79 or £9.99.


  1. Love it!!! Just put it on Pinterest.
    Can’t get it tonight but will definately be buying this and getting it framed.

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