Futurama Bender Hoodie

Futurama Bender Hoodie

Sometimes you just want to “kill all humans,” but you can’t. You can, however, wear this Futurama Bender Hoodie in celebration of everyone’s favorite alcoholic robot. The front features a small Bender graphic that includes his full name, Bender Bending Rodríguez. On the back is […]

Marvel Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks

Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks

These Captain America Suit-Up Crew Socks are probably the best yet, and we’ve seen plenty of Captain America socks: Argyle,  Athletic, Text, and even Captain America Socks With Wings. The patriotic red, white, and blue style is awesome, and they should be very comfortable since […]


Harry Potter Thestral Premium Puzzle

Harry Potter fans that watched the Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Official Teaser Trailer probably noticed the Thestrals… or maybe you didn’t since they are invisible to all who have never been truly touched by death. Harry Potter and Luna Lovegood appreciate them and […]

World's Hottest Chocolate Candy Bar

World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar

GeekAlerts has shown you some spicy foods in the past, but the World’s Hottest Chocolate Bar might be at the top of the list. Based on what the video below shows, you’ll probably be crying after eating a piece smaller than your fingernail. The World’s […]


Death Star Slam Ball

Onnit, the company behind the cool Han Solo Carbonite Yoga Mat and the awesome Star Wars Kettlebells is also making a Death Star Slam Ball. If you don’t know what a slam ball is, it’s a weighted fitness ball you can use to enhance your […]

Fidget Spinner MultiTool

Fidget Spinner Multi-Tool

They may seem a bit silly, and the fad is waning, but fidget spinners are a fun diversion. This Fidget Spinner Multi-Tool is especially cool because it is practical and useful. It’s a fidget spinner that’s also a 6 bit screwdriver multi-tool. It has two […]

Alien Queen Art Print

Alien Queen Art Print

If you saw the new Aliens Movie Trailer, you had a recent view of the monstrous Xenomorph that’s featured in this Alien Queen Art Print. It is a fearsome and stunning artwork by R. J. Palmer, and is a limited edition of only 250 with […]

Ready Player One Movie
Movie News

Ready Player One: Dreamer Trailer

The film arrives in theaters soon (March 29) and the final teaser is the Ready Player One: Dreamer Trailer. It is shaping up to be an amazing adventure film with breathtaking spectacle, 80s nostalgia, and appearances by a massive number of characters from video games. […]