Wasabi Candy Canes

Chestnuts, turkey, sugar-plums… and wasabi? Christmas gets kicked up a notch or two with the Wasabi Candy Canes, guaranteeing that nobody in your family will ever look at innocent little peppermint sticks the same way again. By sight alone, these tricky bits of candy look […]


True Blood Designer Fangs

Here is something that True Blood fans can sink their fangs into. These True Blood Designer Fangs are custom-molded True Blood fangs. It’s great for scaring friends, Halloween, cosplay or just because. These handy fangs are also removable and reusable so you don’t have to […]


The Brain Cube

You have to be brainy to solve the Rubik’s Cube, well, now you can test your puzzle solving skills with The Brain Cube. Apply your brain to this square brain. It even feels weird like what you might imagine a brain feels like, because it […]


Avengers Now Hulk ArtFX+ Statue

Bruce Banner’s angry alter-ego is smashing his way into Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ line of collectible statues with the Avengers Now Hulk ArtFX+ Statue. After the success of The Avengers on the big screen, it’s probably safe to say that just about everyone has seen what the […]


Purifying Cutting Board System

You might have the cleanest kitchen in town but you probably still have a little hotel filled with all kinds of nasty things hiding in plain sight. The Purifying Cutting Board System lets you evict those nasty bugs and bacteria permanently. Cutting boards are one […]


Scanimation Lamp

Light up your room with this neat Scanimation Lamp. There are nine creatures to choose from. Six colored, lighted slots bring your favorite animals to life. This neat lamp comes with an AC adapter, so you don’t need any batteries. Scanimation Lamp Lamp animates animals […]


Adventure Time Encyclopedia

Want to know all there is to know about Adventure Time? About Jake and Finn? Princess Bubblegum? It’s all here in the Adventure Time Encyclopedia. The Adventure Time Encyclopediawas compiled by Hunson Abadeer and it is even annotated by Jake, Finn, and Marceline. It is […]

Batman Wall Clock

Batman Wall Clock

The caped Crusader has never looked so good on your wall. This Batman Wall Clock has a retro look that is reminiscent of the comics from the past. Now you will always know what time it is. Batman time. Hang it in your Batcave or […]