Jedi Academy Book

The Jedi Academy Book will show you what it is like training to become a Jedi. Middle School is hard for everyone and Jedi are no different. This fun and clever book was written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown and is the perfect Star Wars […]


Catnip Caves

Cats love catnip. In fact, they go crazy for it and act like it is crack. It’s fun to watch. So these Catnip Caves are pretty awesome. When your cat interacts with the bag it releases catnip and drives your cat nuts. Your cat will […]


Visual Anatomy Chocolates

Sweets gets anatomically correct with the Visual Anatomy Chocolates, and body parts never looked so yummy. You’ve seen cutesy Valentine hearts, Chocolate Skulls, and even Chocolate Zombie Head Bon Bons with Cherry Brains, but the whole body is getting in on the action with a […]


Saw Talking Bottle Opener

Saw fans who can’t get enough of the horror movies can now listen to your favorite Jigsaw quotes every time they open a bottle thanks to this Saw Talking Bottle Opener. This bottle opener features Billy the Jigsaw Puppet graphics and it says 6 of […]