Zombie Cribbage

Zombie Cribbage

The zombie apocalypse won’t be all about death and destruction. There will probably be lots of down-time too, and Zombie Cribbage will help make sure you don’t die of boredom, because really, won’t there be enough things in our ruined world to kill us? Why […]


Pac-Man Print Spandex Leggings

If you have Pac-Man fever and it’s driving you crazy, you’ll want to wear these stylish Pac-Man Print Spandex Leggings. They feature Pac-Man himself, the ghosts and the dots for him to chomp. They have an elastic waist with gathered pleats and they are machine-washable. […]


Batman & Superman Leg Lamps

But is it “fra-gee-lay?” The iconic Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story gets a superhero twist with the DC Classic 20-Inch Batman Leg Lamp. So, that time-honored holiday classic about Ralphie and his quest for a Red Ryder BB gun gave birth to the burning […]


Thor Life-Size Bust

The Thunder God has never looked more real than he does with the Thor Life-Size Bust, staring fiercely at any who would rise against Asgard… or maybe he’s just a little irritated that you have him confused for that other guy. For those who can […]


Chocolate Zombie Fingers

This treat combines two of the best things ever. Chocolate and Zombies. These Chocolate Zombie Fingers are finger lickin’ good. You get four zombie fingers. No thumb. Seriously, who wants to eat a zombie thumb? These fingers may look gross and zombi-fied, but they are […]