Purifying Cutting Board System

Purifying Cutting Board System

You might have the cleanest kitchen in town but you probably still have a little hotel filled with all kinds of nasty things hiding in plain sight. The Purifying Cutting Board System lets you evict those nasty bugs and bacteria permanently.

Cutting boards are one of the most troublesome tools in the kitchen because they are almost always being used and a real pain in the butt to clean. Fortunately, you can now forget about scrubbing away things you can’t even see and let the 254 nanometer light wave destroy the DNA and cell membranes of virtually all microorganisms.

Just slip the included cutting boards into the system and let the light do its work, killing 99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs. You don’t even have to mess with figuring how long to let the boards sit under the light because the cleaner will shut-off after the prescribed time period has passed.

The Purifying Cutting Board System is available for $199 at Pure Living. You can find a similar product at Amazon.com for $103.94.

(via Red Ferret)

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